Monday, October 20, 2014

English Class

 Hello everyone! Here is Bannon's latest letter! Thanks for reading!

Last week Elder Rodriguez and I thought it would be way cool to teach an English class and that it would be a great opportunity to find new people to teach and what not. So we planned it and throughout the week we told everyone we taught about it and invited everyone we could. It was on Saturday at 6:00pm. That morning, we realized that I can't exactly speak great Spanish yet, at least outside of the gospel, so we were a bit nervous about that. But luckily my comp knows English pretty well so he was able to translate the words I didn't know and help teach a lot of the class. We just followed his English learning book that he used a lot to learn English. Really simple, easy stuff like the alphabet and small sentences and words such as "he" or "she." It went really well and we had a good group of people show up! We are going to teach every Saturday and hope to see some good things come from it. I think it will be a great way for people to become more familiar with us who aren't interested in this church or who have never talked to us before.
On Monday I had my first "Inter-Combio" which is where we switch areas and companions for a day. I was way nervous because I had to stay in my area which means I had to take control of the lessons and figure out who to teach and what to do. The inter-combio lasts for 24 hours. I wasn't super excited about it at first and didn't have much faith in myself, but right before my comp left he wrote a note in my planner that said this: "Mateo 14:31, 1 Timoteo 4:12-15. Tener Fe!" and that pumped me up a lot! Read those scriptures and whenever you are losing faith or need more faith in something, remember these great scriptures and trust that the Lord will help you in all things. I ended up having a great day of lessons and teaching! I shocked myself at how well I did and how much Spanish I know already. It was definitely a needed experience. Especially since my faith has been tested more and more every day out here. And this experience helped me realize and remember how much the Lord has done for me and through faith, we can do things we thought were impossible. Sorry if that sound cheesy, but it was great :)
This morning we went paintballing! Got some good welts.
I got a bunch of letters this week so shout out to everyone who wrote me and thanks so much! I will write back as soon as I can. It takes a couple weeks, so be patient :)
Alright, love you all!

Elder Greer 

We flattened the tire out trying to take 12 elders and sisters up the mountain in it!

This is our house. We live in the bottom and rent from the people who live above us.

Our English Class

Elder Rod playing with the crazy kids

One of our investigator's sons. He is awesome and likes talking to me in English. I help him with his English homework often.

Sickest hike through the rainforest

Taking a break in the jungle

The comp by the bamboo tree

Top of the peak. Usually you can see the ocean and beach, but it was stormy :/


Paint balling today!

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