Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elder Martinez

I don't have much time this week to write, but not much to write about anyway.
We had an awesome conference in Santiago and Elder Martinez from the 70 came and talked! It was great. Elder Martinez is super funny and I learned a lot from him. I had the chance to share a couple ideas/personal revelation I got, in front of the whole conference. It was kinda nerve racking making sure I said everything in Spanish well/correct. I was just my goofy self and shared a quick story that made everyone laugh. Elder Martinez remembered my name so that was cool. I guess you could say we are super tight now ;) And he knows and is friends will the Prophet obviously... so you could pretty much say the prophet and I are on a first name relationship too ;P
Ysidro is progressing well and really trying to become more Christlike which is awesome. I bought him a few church audio things today so he can listen to it in his house and invite the spirit, especially because he can't read well.
Other than that, not much new this week other than totally bringing souls unto Christ and living the amazing missionary life!
Much love from good ole Los Cocos!

Elder Greer
My comp and I found these super fresh Hawaiian shirts, you best believe we bought them!

Yeah... so our house is a little messy and disorganized. But hey, I ain't got time to clean! (jk I do, just way to lazy at night when I get back to get myself to do it) Sorry mom :)

Super proud of my creativity. These are my missionary agendas that I made.

Def doesn't look the best, but it is quite amazing :)

Shout out to Bri Jackson for being the best and sending me a sweet package of 2 knitted ties and a wooden tie and bow tie!! You are the best! #stokedonlife this wooden tie is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Quickly on my rise being known in the mission as the elder with the coolest ties :D Feel free to help me ;p


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rosario's baptism week!

This week was great! We had the baptisms and so now I can finally rest for a sec.
I want to start off my telling the story of Rosario, the woman who was married last week and got baptized on Saturday with her kids.
So in my second transfer, about 5 months ago, she had never seen us before, but she had a dream about us. This was when I was with my trainer, Elder Rodriguez. In her dream, she said she saw us and we started teaching her. She said we were like two angels and she knew she needed us. She told us that her and her family were in a dark place and her family was going deeper into the darkness. But that she was trying to come out of the darkness and that we were the key to her coming to the light/good. She then was an example to her family and was the only one that could bring them out of the darkness, and to salvation. The dream was a little more detailed and a lot more likely to give you goosebumps, but that was my interpretation. Anyway, we were walking by her house one day, and then she saw us. She yelled something to me but I still didn't know Spanish too well back then so I thought she was just like the rest of the girls when they see an American and get all giddy so I said hi, waved, and kept walking. I remember thinking that she wanted something, not just to say hi to an American. I hesitated and walked a little slower. Elder Rodriguez didn't hear, or was deep in thought as he walked fast down the road. She yelled for us again, so I stopped and yelled for my companion as he was a little ways ahead of me. He turned around and followed me. We shook her hand and gave her a pamphlet of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We scheduled a day to come back and teach, and went on our way. When we came back a couple days later for our first lesson with her, she told us the dream she had and was so excited about it. She turned into such a great investigator and always loved having us over. After the first couple visits, she told us she wanted to be baptized. The only problem was that she wasn't married to Ysidro, the man she lives with. So we taught her the Law of Chastity and then made sure the next time, and all the times after that, to teach her and Ysidro together. He was great too, but hesitant about baptism and marriage. So we fasted and did a lot of praying for them. I even asked all of ya'll to fast for miracles and the people of Los Cocos in one of my blogs during this time. A lot of you did and thank you for that! With the combined faith of all of ya'll and my companion & I, we got the miracle we needed. Ysidro told us in one of our lessons that they wanted to get married and they were excited about their decision. We were STOKED!! But we also knew it would be a crazy hard process. For a while it seemed a little out of touch and for a couple of weeks, they stopped progressing very much because her mom died, then a week later his dad died. But we kept strong and having faith with them and  after a lot of planning, lessons, prayers, fasting, loss of sleep and hair, and LOTS of blessings, they were married! We had originally planned on baptizing them both with two of their kids who are 10 and 11, but Ysidro needed a little more time and help because he is trying hard to stop drinking and start living the word of wisdom, so we baptized Rosario and the two kids because they didn't want to wait or postpone the baptism any longer. I usually would be against not baptizing the family all together, but that's what they wanted and honestly, I think seeing a baptism first really helped Ysidro. He has strong desire to get baptized and is making a lot of progress getting ready for it. He is great and is always willing to accompany his wife to church and activities. But, as always, quitting addicting habits and learning to live differently is very hard, especially with Satan constantly trying to make us fall. So I would greatly appreciate your prayers for him. Also for Rosario and that she can stay strong and gain an even stronger testimony of the gospel and not just have a testimony, but to be really converted to Jesus and live His gospel.

The day of the baptisms was great. Rosario and her two boys all wanted me to baptize them! So I did, first Rosario, then the boys. Then right when I was about to go back into the bathroom and change, Chaudy, a boy who was supposed to be baptized with them too, walked in way late. Chaudy's parents have been members for over 13 years, but his dad is less active because he has to work on Sunday's. Chaudy was way late, but him and his mom and sister walked in and said they still wanted to do it! So she asked me if I could baptize him because I was ready and already wet. I said of course! Then about 5 minutes after I baptized him, his dad walked in. I felt way bad that he missed it! We would have waited if we had known he was coming. But he was just happy that his son was baptized so it's ok.
On Sunday we ate at their house and they were so happy and just kept saying how they loved me and stuff. It was a great feeling to feel such love and appreciation.
When we walked out of the church after the baptism, Rosario kept saying how she felt so clean and could walk 5 miles! haha. It is so awesome to see the people I teach grow, progress, live better, more worthy lives, follow Christ, and enter the waters of baptism and become cleansed. I could see such a light about her and know she will continue to be a huge example for her family.
My ward now calls me "Elder Greer the baptist" because I have baptized everyone that has been baptized in this ward so far this year! 6 in total!
#blessed #lovethework #baptisms #salvation ...if hashtags are still a thing ;)

A zone family home evening we did last night with all of the missionaries in our ward and a few of our investigators. We played games and sang and had the bishop told his conversion story.

Today we had a zone activity for PDay where we all filled up waterbaloons and then had a big waterbaloon fight. The we ate pizza with our mission president and watched a disney cartoon movie.

A rather huge 5 legged spider we found in our house

My companion and I decided we need to be more healthy, so we kind f just threw a bunch of healthy looking thinks in a blender and drank it. Yes, it included salsa... :)