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Time Is Flying By!

August 22, 2015

This has been one looooong week. All I can say is don't get in car crashes in other countries. Luckily it hasn't been too bad, just a big hassle. The Haitian man is in the hospital getting operated on his leg because it is pretty bad. So keep him in your prayers and pray that he will be able to walk again and use his leg and everything. Even though it was his own fault and the damage to his leg was done by his own motor, the church is paying for all the medical bills and working hard to help him. We also went back to the fruit stand that we hit to apologize and pay for the damage. I really love that because it really goes to show that when things like this happen, the church doesn't just say sorry, wasn't our fault and only take car of our own problems like our messed up truck, but we take care of the ones involved as well and make things right. The Haitian man said he is very grateful for us and that if it was anyone else, they would have just dealt with their own problems and say good luck to him. So it's really cool how that has worked out.
So recently I have been praying that we would have more opportunities to teach and get out in the field and have as much of the regular missionary schedule as possible on top of doing all our office tasks. Shortly after, President Castillo asked us all in the office to have a meeting to discuss how we can establish an effective schedule that permits us to get done with all our work every day earlier and have much more time to teach and be regular missionaries. So I'm really thankful for our goals and plans to accomplish that. The only thing is that we are "office elders" but we are not even in the office that much, but rather doing all our duties and background business out and about. It's funny because when people think of the office, they just think of AC and boring paper and computer work, when in reality that is only like 10% of it. It was a bit challenging planning a schedule when there are only a couple specific things we do on certain days and the rest when we can/have time. Regardless, I really feel like we are going to be able to accomplish our goals. I am also super blessed and happy and having a blast being so busy and serving so hard every minute of every day. The days are way longer and filled with so many awesome things but they fly by so fast.
We also just got a new AP, Elder Walker from the best state there is, good Ole California!  While Elder Vargas and my companion were on splits dealing with things concerning he crash, Elder Walker and I were on splits the whole day and got to know each other pretty well. He's an awesome, obedient, humble guy and is bound to do great things here as an AP.
So my peeps from Salcedo seem to be doing really great! Oscar should be getting baptized in the next couple of weeks! And Katali and Daricha as well. Rosa Maria and her daughter are close to being ready. I really hope they stay strong and keep their fire.
The whole country has been going through a super bad drought. If it doesn't rain soon we will be out of water... so the whole country has been cutting water back even more. It really hasn't rained in forever. So pray for rain as well! However there is a hurricane on its way. It got up to a 3 which is pretty bad and dangerous, but is supposed to weaken and shouldn't be too bad by the time it hits us next week. I just hope it's not too bad so Savanna will be able to get here!
I was going to write about this last week but I got a bit distracted with the whole crash. But the families of two missionaries who finished came and picked them up at the mission home after transfers. It was way fun seeing them see their families for the first time after two years. And their families were so excited to see them and emotional and stuff. And they got to meet President and his wife and talk a little. Then they left to go celebrate and vacation for a week. I was so very against doing that with my family but after seeing that it has made me re-think it a little. So we'll see. But I still got a solid 11 months so I'm not even worried about that business!
Shout out to my cousin Savanna for giving a bomb farewell talk last week and sending it to me to listen to. You're already a fantastic missionary and going to be for the next 18 months. So excited for you to have the opportunity to teach and become so close to these great people of the DR. You're gonna love it! Best place to serve without a doubt. And that's not just me being biased :) Maybe I'll see you around!?? Cross yo fingas and pray hard ;)

Elder Greer

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