Friday, September 12, 2014

Bannon's First Week in the Dominican Republic!

Hi Everyone,
Bannon made it to the Dominican Republic! We got to talk to him while he was in the airport on his way to the Dominican and he sounds great! He is so excited to be serving the Lord and teaching the people of the DR! Please keep him in your prayers as he gets used to the culture and language. It sounds like it will definetly be a humbling experience! :) 
His Preparation day is still on Wednesday so I will continue to post after Wednesday each week. His mission President's wife has a blog for their mission so if you are interested in finding out more about where he will be and who he is serving with click here. If you would like to send Bannon physical letters here is some info on that from his mission president 

The best way to send physical letters is through Mail Boxes Etc. (10-14 days) (more information immediately below).  You can also use “” (16-18 days).

The Santiago Mission has contracted with a company called: Mail Boxes Etc. to ship all letters received to its Miami, Florida address to the mission office in Santiago.  For letters and cards only, the mission covers the shipping cost from Miami to Santiago.  This is the most reliable and cheapest means to deliver a letter.  Letters should be addressed as follows.  If SDQ 8013 is not included, the letter might not be delivered:

           Elder Bannon Bryce Greer
           SDQ 8013
           PO Box 025725
            Miami FL 33102-5725

If you want to get information on sending a package get in contact with me (Jordan) or my mom (Susie) and we can give you info on that.
This is the mission home address:
 Elder Bannon Bryce Greer
           Misión Santiago, Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días
           Av. Estrella Sadhalá #10 2do piso
           Frente a UTESA
           Santiago 51000
           Dominican Republic
            (809) 241-1145

 Anyways if you have other questions about these addresses or anything contact me. Have a great week!

I made it!
I am finally in the Dominican Republic! It was quite the long journey, but I am here. I ended up traveling all by myself, but while on my layove in New York, I met the parents of a missionary coming home from her mission in Santiago! They were on my flight, on there way to pick their daughter up. They were a huge help to me and it was fun talking with them. I landed around 11pm and the AP's were there waiting for me. We drove to the mission home and then I met President Douglas. He is awesome and I am really excited to have him and his wife as my presidents. This morning I met all the other missionaries who I was supposed to be with in the DR MTC. There are 18 of us. Then we went into the city and parked on the side of a busy road and met our new companions. My comp's name is Elder Rodriguez from El Salvador. He is exactly a year older than me because we have the same birthday! He is pretty decent at English (better then I am at Spanish, but that's not saying much) He is going to need some serious patience with me cause I can't understand anyone nor do I know how to really say anything that's not about the gospel haha... But he's great and is awesome! I got assigned to Los Cocos, a very poor suburb of Santiago. It is very mountainy and lots of dirt roads. It is one of the harder areas because people there don't really have cars and the church is about 25 minutes away in car so it's hard for us to get people to church which also effects the baptism ability. But we are working on changing that rapidly! Later today we are teaching a man named Junior and a woman named Nena. And later I have to teach a guy named Erickson the first lesson (the restoration) and the Book of Mormon. I don't know what to expect or how it will go, but I am confident in being able to get my point across and teaching him those things. We'll see how it goes...
Today is our P-Day, So still on Wednesdays. We do a Lot of walking. We went shopping for food and stuff. The people here are insane when it comes to driving! There are pretty much no rules on the road. People drive on the other side of the road, people drive in the middle of the road, cutting off people is a norm, you can even fly by a cop at 80mph and the cop wont even care. People J-Walk like crazy and it is way dangerous. There are a lot of motor cycles with multiple people on them. It is rare to find seat belts in cars, and they pack in up to like 7 people in a small taxi. I am way happy I don't have a car or have to drive here!
My house is obviously very small, enough for just two people. We have electricity but it runs out often. Our fridge turns off often as well. We wash our clothes in like a washer that doesn't really work, so we just hand wash our clothes in it and then hang our clothes on a line inside our apartment. There are no drawers or anything for clothes, just two small closets. I have definite been humbled, and it is going to be an adventure!
The elder I replaced served in my area for 7 months! So I'm curious if I'll be up here that long.
I am definitely in a third world country and it is nothing I have ever experienced. My living conditions are much different then I am used to. I don't have a big budget so I have to be extra cheap. But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Wish me luck this next week and that I don't have the runs for too long! ;)
Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Greer

PS, I can't send pictures yet, but I am working on getting an adapter thing so I can.

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