Friday, September 5, 2014

Last week in the MTC

 Hi All, 
This is Bannon's last week in the MTC! He heads out to the Dominican Republic on the 9th! As soon as we find out his address in the Dominican I will post it so he can keep getting everyone's letters! Please keep him in your prayers as he travels this week. Have a good week! 

Last week in the MTC!!
Big news!! I, along with my district, got our travel plans! So I officially have my visa and am leaving Sep. 9th! The rest of my district including my companion leave the day before me on Monday the 8th :( So I have to stay a whole day longer then all of them -_- But esta bien. So I will have to be in a tri companionship for a day, but the president let me pick who I want to go in a tri with so I'm actually way excited cause I picked my good friends Elder Jensen and Elder Matzle! I leave the MTC at 6am and then take off to New York for my first lay over at 11:30 and then have about a 2 hour layover then take off again to the DR! I'm really hoping my mission president doesn't forget me. That would suck.. But I mean with my luck, it'll happen.
We unfortunately had our last lesson with our investigator this week :/ But some pretty awesome news.. So for our last lesson we decided to share our favorite scripture and a cool story/spiritual experience that related to the scripture. I shared Helaman 12:1 which basically says to put your trust in the Lord and He will take care of you. Then I shared my mission call experience that I shared in my farewell. She loved our experiences and then asked if she could share hers! Talk about a committed/excited investigator. She shared a cool story that happened to her and why she liked the scripture. She never stops amazing us. Then she gave us a whole box of cupcakes! (Our district is soooo jealous of us, it's the best) And if that wasn't good enough, She then told us that she got a job in CARLSBAD CALIFORNIA of all places!! I was definitely meant to be at this MTC to teach her and help bring the gospel in her life and continue it after she gets baptized! So I got her pumped about Carlsbad and told her how much she is going to love it and how I know pretty much 80% of the missionaries there and the mission president so I know exactly who to talk to about her and who to take care of her while she's there. I'm so stoked! And she will be living there when I get home so I'll be way fun to see her and how she is doing when I get back. It's amazing how the Lord blesses you. I am here for many reasons, But especially because of this incredible experience I have had with our investigator, Ivette. I know there will be many more of these experiences to come, because I am going to the DR for specific people and to bring the gospel and this joy to certain people there. There are no such things as coincidences! I have a huge testimony of that. 
I saw Mitchell Rush and Spencer Weenig on Sunday at the devotional! That was way fun.
I learned a big lesson this week. I learned how important it is to make sure you get things cleared up and are worthy to serve a mission before you come out here. It simply is not worth the pain, sorrow, and tears. I'm sad that some Elders and Sisters have to learn that the hard way. I'm so grateful for the Atonement and our savior, Jesus Christ, and the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins. We are so blessed to have that. Take advantage of that blessing. Become clean. It is so important.
I love this work so much. This is only the beginning and thankfully the end of the MTC ;) Jk, It's been amazing here! Now I am ready for the real stuff! I probably will not know what the heck I just spent studying for 6 weeks in the MTC because the dialect is so different there, but I have faith that the Lord will bless me. I know He will.

-Elder Greer
 There is even a mattress room!
My Brown Boi

 On your last service day, if you are special, they take you to the hidden and legend pillow room!! It's so sick! literally a room full of pillows! It's a kids dream!

 Ivette and Us

 More pillow room

 Selfie with the best investigator


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