Thursday, November 20, 2014

Go Utah State! :)

Ok, so I found out yesterday like three weeks late that my Aggies beat BYU!! Haha! And that they broke the QB's leg?! I love it! Just one more reason to be stoked that I'm going to Utah State rather than pathetic BYU ;) Literally Utah State is on its rise! I can count on one hand the amount of missionaries here going to BYU. I would need more hands then I have change in my piggy bank to count the amount of missionaries going to Utah State! Haha, sorry all you Coug fans ;)
So the first couple of weeks my comp was doing really well getting out of bed early and running with me and actually running... Every day he becomes more of a bum and now I have to literally drag him out of the house to come run with me haha. Although he is relentless at first, he always ends up coming, even if he just jogs a little, walks a little. Sometimes it just takes a little water in the face or a wrestling match to motivate. I guess not everyone is crazy like me and actually finds joy in running up mountains. Weird ;)
We were at one of our investigators houses this week while it was raining and they were taking the water from the roof and using that for their shower/drinking water. They literally took a cup, put it under the drain where the water was coming off from the roof, and drinking it. They offered me a cup and I mean I am willing to try a lot of things, but water from the roof isn't one of them haha. It was yet another humbling experience for sure. I am happy they are not a family that actually needs water that desperately bad, it is just a culture thing they do that isn't weird to them at all. But I am getting pretty comfortable living the Dominican lifestyle though so who knows, maybe I'll end up slurping up the roof water. Don't be surprised if i come back and drink water from the drain! :)
Speaking of water, we ran out this week and didn't have any water to fill up on. So I had to wear old clothes that were... Not the best smelling, but I mean gotta work with what you have right? I wasn't able to shower for a day either. So I just prayed a lot of Axe on myself and called it good :) Our water ended up turning on yesterday for a couple hours though so it's all good now. Not gonna lie, if we didn't get water, I probably would have just used the roof water like my investigator taught me.
The river here is pretty full from the rain. Looks kinda like the Provo river, but more muddy and rocky.
Two of our investigators who are getting married and baptized this month got hit by a bus on their way to church on there motorcycle! But they're ok and actually not hurt very bad at all. We told them things would get harder as the baptism date comes sooner. Satan will do everything he can to prevent good from happening! However, Satan is probably throwing a fit right now cause they are even more excited for their wedding and baptism!
Elder Rodriguez hit his year mark in the mission this week! It is tradition to burn a shirt at your year mark so we went on the roof and did that.
Quote of the week: "Tú Christiano?" "Sí, y tú?" "Soy Dominicano!"
For all you greengos: "You Christian?" "Yes, and you?" "I'm Dominican!"
Haha. Dominicans only know where the US and a few countries around them are. They also think that New York is the US and that Utah is a separate country haha. If you say you are from the US, they automatically think you are from New York. It's pretty funny.
Well, I am excited for our baptisms this month and think we are on the road to a lot of success!
Love you all.

Elder Greer

One year mark tradition; burning a white shirt

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