Thursday, February 19, 2015

Earthquake and Intestines

The baptism for our investigator Empenitrez is on and I'm stoked! It will be this Saturday and she is so excited for this great change in her life and start her path towards the blessings of the gospel.
On Monday we were at a lesson and it was pitch dark outside and no electricity where we were. At the end of the lesson, the lady we were teaching literally pushed me back down in my seat as I tried to get up, and handed me a bowl and told me and my companion to eat. We tried to kindly say no, but she refused, so we reluctantly ate... Luckily I couldn't see the food, because I probably would have thrown up as I ate something very strange. Every time she or her family wasn't looking, I would fling a spoonful of it on the ground behind me where a dog was there to eat it for me. After we finally left, my companion asked me if I knew what we just ate... We ate intestines of some sort. Maybe of a pig, maybe of something else, but now I can say I ate intestine! I am still surprised I haven't felt sick at all! (Knock on wood...)
Today we went on a sweet hike an hour south of Santiago and found a huge water fall, way better than the ones I've been to so far. The mountains up there where we drove were amazingly beautiful! It was incredible! We ended up getting lost on the way back a little and found a road to the main town. We were running late, so we decided to run. My dream! One by one the other missionaries gave up and walked again. Then out of nowhere, the gua gua came and picked us up, so we ran for no reason. But at least I got to run! :D
We just had a 4.2 earthquake and shook the whole building.
Other than that, I am running late for an activity in Los Cocos tonight so got to go!
Love you all!

Elder Greer

cut my pinky pretty bad

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