Monday, March 9, 2015


So last week I said that the baptism for my investigator, Empenitrez, was for sure on... Well, I might have jinxed myself :/
We had warned her that the week of her baptism would be the hardest and that we were going to pass by her house every day just to make sure everything was good and she was doing all right. We did exactly that, however she went missing for two days, which happened to be the two days before her baptism! Her baptism was scheduled for Saturday, so Friday we were searching for her, calling, doing whatever we could to make sure everything was ok. My companion and I went on splits, him with a member, and me with my mission leader. My companion was at her house waiting for her to get back from work. I was down in another city, walking to our church for a meeting. She all of the sudden drove by on her motor scooter and then stopped to talk with me. I immediately saw in her expression that something was wrong. She told me she didn't want to be baptized... After a minute of talking, I told her that my companion was at her house and to talk with him as I had to go to my meeting. Turns out that something happened, and she didn't feel worthy to be baptized. So we cancelled the baptism for her, but continued with the baptism of one of the sister missionary's investigators. I got to baptize him and it was so great. We have an awesome relationship and I love him! He has come a long way in his life, and I am so happy to have been a big role in helping him with his conversion. We will set another date for Empenitrez this next week because she still wants to get baptized. I am really happy he understands the importance and significance of baptism and repenting before.
We will be having the wedding of Rosario and her future husband Isidro on March 6th and the baptism the next day!
When a missionary is finishing their mission and about to go home because they are done serving, they are called "Dying missionaries" and their companion "Kills" them when they go home. So I killed my companion, Elder De Bernardi, this morning because he is done with his mission. I received an American Elder from Mesa Arizona! We will be the first American companionship in my area, so it should be interesting! I will be in the area again, and then most likely leave to another area at last, and not be considered a greeny anymore! :)
Love you all!

Elder Greer

The baptism of Jose Samosa!

Elder Qberry is leaving me! Best Zone Leader!

"Noooo!!! Elder Greer, you can't hug me!"

Our Zone

I finally got my Christmas package from the ward! Thanks to everyone who wrote on it! I love it! Now I just need to buy a pillow. Fact: what I use for a pillow is basically a big balloon in the shape of a pillow...haha

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"Killing" our companions

Last with the Comp!

Taco Bell with the Main's

My brother in the Mission leaving his first area!

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