Saturday, July 18, 2015


I don't have any time to write today, sorry. But this past week was a good one. We have just been busy searching for and finding the inactive people on our list and seeing if we can reactivate them or if the moved and things like that. We have been having a lot of success doing so and are getting more help from the members. Our numbers were down last week worse than they have ever been before, but just this Monday and Tuesday only we had better numbers than all of last week! We had members with us both days and it was a great two days of teaching and serving! Our work is increasing finally! All those days of contacting and begging members for referrals and bugging them to help us and being so demanding to Bishop about getting the member list has all paid off and is continuing to help us! We are going to set a new date with Rosa Maria and her family today and we are going to set two more baptism dates this week with two other people! I see more and more blessings everyday as we stay hard working and obedient!
Love you guys!!
Sorry this is so short!

Elder Greer

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