Saturday, July 18, 2015

Office Elder!

Wow. All I can say is that this has been the most insane, long, busy, crazy, hard, surprising, and sleep depriving week in my mission and maybe even my life.
So let's start out with last week... I really don't even remember what happened last week because these past couple of days have been insane. But we had 8 investigators and 8 less/inactive members in church!!! Which are crazy high, awesome numbers!! Salcedo was completely dead when I got here. Now it is really starting to progress again. Work hard, play hard is all I gotta say.
OK so now let's move to Tuesday. Tuesday was our zone transfer meeting where we find out who stays, who goes, and with who. Me and my companion were absolutely dead sure that the both of us were staying. Especially because we now have a new president so we all just figured he would only transfer people who would replace the missionaries who were going home. Well, transfers have always seemed to be interesting for me and not go the way I expect. So first my zone leaders tell us all that Elder Spencer (my step brother in the mission who was already in this zone) was being transferred to Salcedo to be companions with my companion Elder Cummings... we were all three absolutely shocked. And I was...not sad at the moment, but not very excited either. Then the zone leaders went through every one else being transferred (and there were many) then announced where I would be sent and who with... I thought, okay, maybe I'll be called to go be a district leader somewhere. Or maybe even a zone leader. I have been fasting and praying to have the opportunity to serve in a greater way, whether that be as a district leader or zone leader or even just in my area or another area where the people really need me personally. "Elder Greer, you are being transferred to....... Pueblo Nuevo as an office elder!!!!" That was followed by excited and congratulating screams and shouts from all the other missionaries in my zone. And I just sat there absolutely shocked. AN OFFICE ELDER!? What the!? I don't even have a year yet in my mission!! Basically an office elder is a huge calling and a looooooot of complicated work. It is a huge honor and I am super happy and excited and honored, yet very confused as to why me? But I guess my hard work is paying off!! I will be trained these next four weeks by Elder Hollingsworth who has been in the office for a while. And I am in a trio because the other office elder who will be my real companion is Elder Castillo from Santo Domingo and only has 3 weeks in the office and just finished his training in there like I am doing right now. He is in charge of all the houses in the mission and all that business. And I am in charge of all the mail, phones, technology, and electronics. Our hours are long. Very long. I can't even explain my days because there is so much we have to do all he time and are always all over the place. I have my own truck and can drive!! Pretty awesome yet scary because Dominicans drive... not the best haha. Basically if you drive like my dad and Keith Reilly in a race, you're a good driver here :) me and the Assistants are the only missionaries who can drive. I also live with the assistants and we have quite the nice house. I feel way out out place right now because I was going from 3rd world living hard core, to having a nice house, always having running water and electricity, most of the time hot water, and I also now have a touch screen cell phone... weird. But I will be all over the mission and sometimes even in Santo Domingo. We drive all over the place and do so much everyday. Sometimes we get home at like 11:00 and it all starts again the next day at 6:00am! It's exhausting, but super awesome and fun and I love the fact that I am so so busy. I will also be able to work with and help a lot of missionaries. So I guess my fasting and praying for an opportunity to serve to a greater extent has been answered. Just not at all the way I thought! Funny how that works!
Anyway, so after that meeting, we had to rush home because, surprise, we had another wedding!! It was of a less active. So me and my companion had to hurry to the church and help as much as we could. They for some reason wanted us to decorate... that is not a job for men!! And we proved that to them when they fired us and put us in charge of something else haha. The wedding was great and I got to say good bye to lots of people. They were all sad I was leaving. When I went to say goodbye to Rosa Maria and her family, they were balling their eyes out and especially the youngest daughter who was wailing while holding on to my leg begging me not to go. It was honestly heart breaking. but I reassured them I would be back to baptize them at their baptism in August! As well as my other investigators, Katalia and her sister Daricha in September. Salcedo was so hard to say goodbye to. I saw it at its worst, and left at its best. It was honestly such a good area that I will definitely cherish and miss. I love the people of Salcedo as crazy as it may be at times. Then I had to hurry home and pack which was the worst! I ended up going to bed at like 1 am and the next day was even longer because I was transferred and had to start my job in the office! We are called office less, but it's so much more then being and working in the office, it's more like, all over the place, crazy busy, red eyed elders. Haha. I have so much more to say and explain, but am literally out of time! :( but love you guys and I am doing great and pray for me to learn and complete this job well! I have 4 weeks to learn every street in Santiago and understand and know how to run every computer program and file and all the office work that I am in charge of! So pray for me because I will definitely need it friends! :)
All I can say is when you work hard and give it all you got, it pays off and you are noticed even if that isn't the goal. I am so honored to be trusted in the position that I am. Especially considering I don't have a year yet! Love you all. And I will send pics when I can. Get ready... there are many.

Elder Bannon Greer

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