Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pictures from before the transfer

Well if there is anything we know about Bannon it is that he LOVES to take pictures. So here are a TON of pictures from the last few weeks of his mission.

These are missionaries from my zone in San Fransisco when I was in Salcedo.

Saying goodbye to investigators. The first couple are of Christopher and his family.

Then of a super cute little sister of one of our good member friends.

Then the little chubster boy with my investigator named Wendy who is awesome and we teach in Spanglish.

the wedding!

The wedding cake completely fell apart on the way to the church! Went all over the car and us as we carried it in and tried to fix it... Glad I didn't have to take care of that one! The lady who made it was devastated. But cake is cake right! So we all enjoyed it anyway :)

More of my Salcedo peeps!

Rosa Maria and fam

The couple is Moreno and Claria. They were always great to teach and Moreno was always super in tune and listening during the lessons.

The guy with the shirt off is Jose. He is such a humble, loving man that can hardly walk or leave his house and has no family but loves life so much and absolutely loves the gospel and reading and learning more about Christ and the scriptures unlike anyone I know. It was incredibly hard saying goodbye to him. We were both teary eyed and shakey voices when we had our final hug.

My progressing investigators (the ones on the couch) who I will baptize in September and are so hungry for the gospel it's amazing! The little girl, in the pink would ask us for a new chapter of the book of Mormon to read every time we saw her. Her face looks a bit puffy because she fell on her bike down a bad road and fractured her cheek bone.

Some of the young women in my ward who thought I was crazy with all my weird faces.

Elder Cummings and I

Jose, this kid (in the white) was so awesome and would come out with us every week, sometimes even two times a week from 3pm until 9pm! And he knows the gospel so well already. He is a convert, his mom is super evangelical, and he will be going on a mission in about a year!

Last week for P Day we went to a super pretty beach named Punta Rucia that was about an hour and a half away.

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