Thursday, November 5, 2015


Not much has happened this week. We are pretty busy with my companions job. Houses. So we decided to work on and sacrifice our PDAY so we could get things done and hopefully see the blessings come from that. I'm really grateful for my companion. He's my best friend and we get along so well. He always surprises me with what a great missionary he is. Not many people are willing to work on and sacrifice their Pdays.
so I just want to share two quick emails that I got a little while ago. The first is from my sister Jordan:

"When you sent us that letter about the missionaries being bad in your mission and the acts 5 scripture it really hit me that seriously why are we so worried about what others think of us when really we are on this earth to be tested and we should really be worried about what God thinks of us. We even talked about this in ward counsel last week because our stake president put out a message that we should be planning everything in our ward with a purpose. Sometimes we focus so much on the attendance and participation of activities or visiting and home teaching that we don't remember that even if there is just a small amount of people doing what they should or coming to the activities those people are the ones that want to be uplifted and strengthen their testimonies. It is all about changing our mindset to not worrying about the small things and planning with a purpose so that the people that want to be there will leave with a stronger testimony."
I really liked what she said. And it is so true that we really need to look at the big picture of things and be constantly focused on others. Not just numbers. But the actual outcome and difference made by the initial action. The second one is from Becky Jensen. I thought her experience was super cool and that I should share it:

"We had a cool experience as we went back East.  A friend, and former business partner of Hal's has been asking us to come out and visit for years now.  We had some airplane tickets which were going to expire, and so we decided to go and visit he and his wife, and then explore Cape Cod.  We were so glad we went.  They are not members, and very wealthy, with children and grandchildren.  He, however, has bone marrow cancer.  They have the highest regard for Mormons, and said so often.  They have kept our family picture Christmas cards for years, and show them to people and say "see this is what Mormons look like".  Our conversation often incorporated some talk, which came up naturally, about principles of the Gospel.  At the end of the day our friend, said he was in such pain, he would take just about anything to get some relieve from it.  Hal offered him a priesthood blessing, and he accepted.  Hal gave him a beautiful blessing, as soon as Hal finished, our friend became very emotional, and just started to sob.  We all had tears in our eyes, he said his wife had never seen him cry.  In the morning, they told us they had been talking and they realized that they had given their children everything they could but they had nothing to give them that they had made a mistake.  As we went out to our car to go to church, our friend said "this may sound "airy-fairy" but I have to tell you as soon as you laid your hands on my head last night, my pain was gone, and it has not returned".  That was a real blessing to us, looking back, we felt that meeting with him was the real reason we planned that whole trip.  It was a cool experience and a real blessing to us to have been a part of it."

I really liked that. Priesthood power baby. It's real.
Thanks Jordan and Becky for the experiences and letting me share them. That's all for now. Love you guys.

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  1. Wow! I loved the awesome experience by Becky.
    Priesthood power is right.