Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2016

Not a super exciting/eventful week this week, but we had a few of our investigators and less actives in church. Including Maria, Carlos's wife. She came with her daughter that is 3 and can't walk. Carlos was supposed to come too, but something came up and he couldn't come. But we are expecting them to both come tomorrow! So pray that they do! I really love them a lot. They are super humble people and are really willing to accept the gospel I think. We have already seen a change in them so I am just praying they stay strong and have the faith they need to keep progressing towards baptism. We will put a date for them tonight when we go back and teach them!
Training Elder Reeves in my position is going really well. We are great pals! We are loving talking track with each other and are staying strong running in the mornings!
Today we are going to Los Cocos because the old mission leader of me and Elder Gonzalez wants us to go help them with a thing called a "Cosecha" which is basically when the whole ward gets together and goes and talks to everyone and try to find people interested in the gospel or who need our help. So it should be fun and a cool experience.
Next week we will be super busy and have to travel to the area farthest away in the mission called Dajabon. We will also be going to a couple other areas/zones on the way so I will end up going to 3 of the 4 places in my whole mission that I have never been to. So that'll be pretty cool. 
Exciting news on Teobaldo, we went to his house the other day and he has gotten so much better! Before, he was hardly able to walk, but he basically floated to the door to greet us! So we are expecting him to start progressing again a ton like he was before. He said he can't come to church this Sunday, but that next Sunday he would come. So pray for him as well!
So we have to stop teaching Jacob because everyone we come in contact with in that area tells us that it is dangerous to talk with him and that he is not actually meeting with us because he is interested. A couple of people in that area have told us they will be angry with us if we keep talking with him. I don't really see a problem with him but apparently he is bad news and is a drug dealer, but who am I or anyone to judge? So we kept teaching him a bit, but he isn't progressing so we have stopped.
Shout out to Kaylie Maingot, my super awesome cousin for choosing the best choice in the world and going on a mission! Good luck on your farewell this Sunday! You're gonna kill it in Portugal!
Happy Valentine's day! I hope you all have a more romantic day than mine will be ;) hahaha.

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