Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

This week we took advantage of our trio and ability to do splits so that my companions could go close, move, and open houses while I stayed in Santiago with another elder and took care of all my duties. So we got a ton done that we really needed. Elder Castillo was able to teach/train Elder Gonzalez really well this past week so that was good.
On the way back from doing a bunch of things in an area with the beach in it, Elder Gonzalez wanted to go pass by real quick and take a look. But I had to be really clear with him that we once were able to visit certain beaches here, but not anymore because the area presidency feels it's better that we don't, even if there is no one there. He also wanted to visit an old area and do a Family Home Evening at a members house there, but again I had to put my foot down and be clear that we have to be as much of regular missionaries as we can be. It doesn't matter that we have a car or that we are constantly in different areas of the mission. Our purpose is to complete and fulfill our calling and duties and then get back to our area and be regular missionaries. So I just had to explain to him for a while that we have to be humble. We cannot take advantage of our position as the office elders in the mission. Especially because everyone is looking at us and our example. So if we mess up or do something dumb or don't obey the rules with exactness, the other missionaries are going to think it's okay to do the same. He was bummed at first because he kinda pictured being an office elder and a leader in the mission as more freedom and getting to do cool stuff all the time. But in reality, we are the same as everyone else, just with more responsibility. He understood after a while and I am thankful because I think he gets it now and is willing to comply and be obedient and not take advantage.
We set a baptism date this week! Right now it is for the 20th of next month. It's the wife of an inactive we are working with. We are also really working with their son and his wife who are not legally married but progressing a lot. We just have to get them to church so they can see how awesome it is and knock some sense into them that they need to be married and baptized dang it! Haha. 
We had a devotional for all missionaries on Wednesday. We heard from a couple of the Apostles and one of the Seventy and the Relief Society General President. It was all in Spanish for us so I felt bad for the new missionaries. The general topic and thing the speakers focused on for me, was the importance of the spirit. They all talked a lot about how important it is for all of us to have the spirit and listen to its promptings. I think that is very true and in our trio, we can definitely work on having the spirit a lot stronger and always with us.
While playing basketball at the church, Elder Gonzalez and I saw two women walking with a big Styrofoam wall basically and so we ran over and helped them. We carried it for them and ended up walking like three blocks to their house. The whole way we talked to them and told them who we were. They were so thankful for us and thanked us and said we were welcome to go to their house any day! It's the area of the other elders in the ward though unfortunately, but they will be a solid reference! When we said goodbye after taking it to their house, one of the ladies said, "you were sent from God! Thanks so much!" I thought that was way cool and that's why I love serving others and helping others at all times in all places.
I challenge you all to look for opportunities to serve others and go out of our way to do so! It is rewarding for them and you!

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