Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pictures of My Peeps in Pueblo Nuevo

March 9, 2016

My people!! These are my family in Pueblo Nuevo. I honestly love them all so much and am way sad to leave them!

The old lady trying to kiss me is Mamá. She was just posing I'm this picture, but when I told her I was leaving she really did try to kiss me! Haha. She attacked me with a hug and I screamed and turned the other way as she tried to kiss me hahaha. I was like, Mamá!! You can't kiss me! Or hug me! Haha I love you too but it's against the rules! But she didn't care haha. She is everyone's mamá, but she insists that she is my girlfriend hahahaha. She made me spaghetti last night when I said goodbye and cried a little.

The two girls and the mom are the neighbors of the Pueblo Nuevo elders and are members and cook for them literally every meal. They are so good to us and Rosy, the mom, is our mother! She said that me and Castillo are her favorite and is so sad we are both gone now.
It was definitely a hard goodbye. I'm gonna miss her a lot!




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