Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Too Little Time!

April 6, 2016

I have no time to write haha, but I will try and at least get some pics up! Thanks everyone who wrote me this week :)
So this was a BOMB week!! Not only did we have an amazing conference where we listened to the Prophet and the apostles, but we also had some pretty great lessons and progress with the investigators and people we are teaching.
So Manuel de Jesus, that guy I accidentally called and invited to church and ended up coming, is totally GOLDEN!! He loves the church and wants to be baptized ASAP. So we are gonna try and see if we can pull it off next week! He sacrifices every weekend and travels like 2 hours to get here and visit his dad and the church. Super awesome. Crazy miracle and blessing with him. Literally our story with him is so cool and totally directed by the spirit. 
We just found this other 18-year-old (who makes me look like i am 12 if he is really 18 haha) his name is Gabriel and he is great and is progressing so much and asked us to come back the next day after our second lesson and he actually is following through with what we are asking him to do and he's smart and just really seems to get it. So we'll see what happens there. Pray for him!
There is this other family, Tomas and Josephina. They are LEGIT! They have come to church he past two weeks and Josephina came this week with a nice dress and heals and was so excited about it. We were stoked! They could totally get baptized but they are not married dang-git! We could seriously have like 15 baptism dates and baptisms if marriage was just a thing here -_- 
Conference was amazing and I loved every talk! Especially the one about the responsibility of being a father. Everyone and their mothers should listen to that dang talk. Especially the people of the Dominican Republic. I think it could definitely help our culture here. But it was honestly a super great talked and made me so happy and grateful that my father is so great and has made my life so amazing. Props to you papi! Love you! You're legit! One day I'll hopefully be like my dad :)
Ok well happy conference and love you all!!

Elder Greer

 Last time I sent pics of like the only green part of my area which is out in the boonies! haha This is my real area.... The desert! :)

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