Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sometimes When it Rains, It Pours!

April 13, 2016

Manuel de Jesus is getting baptized this Saturday!!! Seriously so stoked!! He is the one I wrote about the other week who I accidentally called and ended up inviting to church and he came and we started teaching. That was my 3rd day here and now 5 weeks later he is getting baptized! He was/is so prepared. I am honestly so happy for him and for Elder Murray and I because we are seeing so many blessings as we just work hard and are diligent and obedient. I love it.
I love the people of this ward so much. This Sunday we had so many people come to church and the members are always really good at finding who is new and making them feel comfortable. We ended up having to open the back curtains because there were no more seats left in the main Sacrament room which is already way big. This church building is one of the biggest buildings in the mission and I think the country. I also have a huge love for the young men of this ward. They are awesome and always help us and leave with us. I can't wait to work in the Young Men's program one day.
This week we also had a super cool service. We basically destroyed a house that was a house of wood just deteriorated by termites. It was pretty sad because we could literally knock down a whole part of the wall just with a hammer or kicking it down. And there were people living in it the day before. So once we took it all down, we began the process of re-building it. Super cool, and fun. And I am way excited for the member who will soon have a new house!
Saturday in the night, we were way far away from our house and it just started to pour! We ran to our last lesson and they let us leave our bags with our scriptures there so they wouldn't get ruined. Then we booked it back to our house. Within 5 seconds we were soaked. When it rains here, the roads turn into rivers. Not joking. So we were walking on the side of the road and I looked back and all the sudden this car starts driving super fast (probably so it could soak us -_-) I booked it to the left and my comp just got destroyed by a huge wave of nasty water from the road hahaha. We were laughing so hard. Then we had to cross the river(road) and it was really like crossing a road after a bad storm or something. It was pretty crazy. When we finally got home, our house was completely flooded cause apparently every time it rains, the house floods. Haha so we had to sweep and mop it all out. #RepDomProblems
Alright well that's all for this week cause I am out of time, but things are going so great here! Love you all!!

Elder Greer

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