Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bannon's First Letter

Hello Everyone!
For those of you that don't already know Bannon had a little hiccup on his last day at home when he couldn't find his passport that also had his visa in it. We spend the majority of the day tearing apart the house trying to find them with no luck. So since he had such an early flight the next morning (he was supposed to be there at 4am) my mom called the mission travel office and within an hour he was booked on a flight to the Provo, UT MTC. At first Bannon was really disappointed but after a few hours he had changed his attitude and he knew that he was supposed to go to the Provo MTC for some reason (we are hoping we find out that reason sooner than later). Since we still haven't found his passport or visa he has to get new ones and will stay at the Provo MTC for the full 6 weeks and then he will go straight to the Dominican Republic mission. Since he is not going to the DR for the MTC he was a little worried about picking up their Spanish since it's a little different from other Spanish (We keep hearing that they speak really really fast) but we know that he will do great and will pick it up fast.

So Bannon's preparation day (P-day) is on Wednesdays while he is in the MTC so we will probably update this blog with his new letters every Wednesday or Thursday until he goes to the DR. If you would like to write him a physical letter instead of an email his new address is:
Elder Bannon Greer
2023 N 900 E Unit 859
Provo, UT 84602
Also if you would like to send him a package their is a great website that you can send different  or write letters, and while they are in the MTC they get them the next day. Anyways here is Bannon's letter from this week he sounds great and we are happy he is doing so good! :)

Hola mi familia! Buenos dias!? My spanish is picking up quite well can't you tell? ;) JK, it's still pretty bad haha. So as you know, the Provo MTC was the absolute last place I thought I'd be not to mention wanted to be, but I actually love it so much! That'll probably change here in a couple week haha. But it has been so great! I love my district so much! there are 12 of us so that"s like a lot in an MTC districtapperently. But its great. My apartment is me and 5 other guys. Its pretty nice, two bathrooms. My companions name is Elder Dickerson from Roy Utah.Hes pretty cool. We get a long great and I like him a lot. We probably wouldn't be great friends out side of the mission, but he's chill and we work well together. All the spanish speakers stay at West Campus which is like 10 minutes away from the Main MTC campus which sucks cause the main campus is way cooler and has everything! Including good food. The food here is sometimes good, sometimes worse then school food, but I don't mind cause I'm going to miss it when I'm eating liver in the DR. the showers in our apartment are always freezing cold which I think they do on purpose so that we hurry and don't waist water, and to prepare us for the living conditions in our missions haha. My computer is being stupid and won't let me go back so sorry if this email is super random and all over the place. My companion is going to Equador. Everyone else and their mothers seem like they are going to Argentina. Literally 90% of the missionaries here on west campus are going there. Me and my comp are one of the only companionship's that arent going to the same mission together. One of my teachers served in Santo Dmomingo, DR and loved it! so i asked her a bunch of ?'s and stuff. This one guy that is not my teacher but other peoples teacher served in that same mission and has some pretty crazy stories! DR seems way sketch but awesome at the same time! Can't wait! He said he would go back in a heart beat!
So me and my comp had to go to the post office the other day for my passport stuff and we had 30 minutes to kill, so we went out into the "outside world" and it was awesome! it was right next to the new temple in provo and we just walked the streets. The people were so nice to us it was the best! We got waved at and people smiled at us and even called us Elder's haha. IDK why it seemed so great but it was. When we were on our way back, we passed this lady who was smoking and was all tated up and said hello to her, She said Hi back and kept walking. Then she turned around and said, "wait!" so we stopped and asked her if we could do anything for her. after she got done having a mini coughing attack, she said "I am new to provo and was wondering if you fella's could tell me where my church is or ward or whatever." I said "Well we aren't the missionaries in this area, but if you give me your name and number I can find that out for you and give you a call and maybe set up a time to teach you and take you to church." so she gave me her number and we went on our way. Right after, I was like, "Elder!!!! We just got an investigator and it's only our 4th day here and we are still in the MTC and we aren't even missionaries in this area! haha. It was so sick! So we reported it to our president at the MTC and zone leaders and they were all way impressed! And that lady is gonna go to church! I am so excited! It definitely pumped me and my comp up! I think my comp really needed that cause I could tell he was a little home sick and discouraged. My copm is also a freaking pro at spanish already. He took 5 years in school so he knows it pretty well which helps me a lot haha. We had to teach a lesson in complete spanish our SECOND day here! That was rough ahah. I went to the temple today, that was fun. I've seen like 5 different people I know here! Thats always fun. 

So missionaries love real mail and packages FYI ;) and I actually really do need my kacky baige pant and a copuple regular shirts for P day.
I already love my mission so much and I know there is a reason for me here and not at the DR MTC, everyone keeps saying that. The teacher I talked to, this same exact thing happened to her. she said she figured out why it happened on her last week here. I just need to figure it out myself. My comp is in the same boat too. He was supposed to go to the Mexico MTC but had to come here cause he didnt ever get his visa yet. God doesn't do random. I know that for a fact. I love you all and can't wait to update you next week!

I'll send pics soon, love you!

Elder Greer

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