Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week Two :)

Hi Everyone, 
Here is Bannon's letter from this week and some pictures he sent as well! I am using the captions he sent because they are funny and so Bannon. Have a good week!

Buenos Dias!
So this week definitely went by faster then the first week. It has definitely been interesting. I swear me and my comp have the worst luck here, but it's ok (esta bien) because we make the most of it.
Our zone leaders and their district left at 4am on monday morning so after the sunday devotional we went over to their apartment and had a huge zone going away party for them. they turned their room into a huge sleep over room for all 10 of them. The floors were pretty much all mattresses haha. They put together a couple of huge boxes of all their food and candy that they can't take with them. So we got hooked up for sure! Definitely been having a feats every night since! 2 of these Elders in my district have already gained 10 pounds! But don't worry, I am still the same haha. Our zone is literally the best zone here, of the 4. Not being biased at all. We just are. We are all so tight and have the best times together and make this place a blast when it could be so lame. I'm gonna miss that zone that just left. Especially our zone leaders cause they were way cool.
There are so many awesome people here that are going to Utah State when they get back, so USU is gonna be amazing! Utah State is where it's at! BYU is way overrated these days ;) One of my zone leaders is actually going there too and he wants to room with me and my good friend connor who is in my district is gonna try and room with me too so that'll be way sick if it ends up happening.
So this may come as a shock to all of you, but I joined the choir! haha. It's actually so much fun! And all the really good people drowned out my voice so it makes me sound good haha. Yesterday I got a close up on the broadcast  and big screen! The devotional was broadcasted to 13 other MTC's so I'm pretty much internationally known ;) haha, jk. But way cool still!
I've gotten to see a couple of my buddies from Utah and a couple from California that are here too. That's always fun.
I got my passport today! So hopefully my Visa will come in a couple weeks! Pray that it does haha.
Shout out to Denise, Grandma Bonnie, and Tanner for the awesome package! And to Jodi for the letter and the upcoming package. Thanks dad for the letter that I just got! And mom for the package! If you send stuff here from the weekend, we don't get it until tuesday for some reason. And thanks for all the love and emails! Sorry if I can't get back to you often.
Use if you want to get messages or letters to me quick. If you use that, I get it as a letter the next day so it is super convenient and helpful. Especially for me so I have time during the week to write back and don't waist time reading emails.
Well I wish I had more time and I could tell you more of all the funny things that happen to me, but #notime. So hasta luego me amigos!

Elder Greer
THE Elder Nelson. His band opened up for Imagine Dragons before his mission!

My other zone leader Elder Ford. Gonna tear up USU with me when we get home!

Elder Olson my zone leader

Elder Slavens was way good buddies with Alex Bates and knows Devan!

All the stuff the district that left gave us!

Me and my boy Elder Cahoon (he has a bunch of friends from our stake including the McMasters and the Moores)


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