Friday, January 2, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!
On Friday we had a ward dinner party at our church. The other missionaries in my district and I did a little dance thing that we first performed two weeks ago with our whole zone for a huge Christmas devotional for all the missionaries in Santiago. All the zones had to do an act, so we dressed up as midgets and put big black bags over our upper part of our bodies so we looked like midgets and no one could see who was who. We also did it for our ward dinner party and everyone loved it and thought it was super funny.
On Saturday, we showed the people in our English class the video about Christ and Christmas. It was great and super cool that we could share it with them and not only English. They all really liked it. We asked them after what they learned and what is the purpose of Christmas, and of the 20+ people that were there, not one of them mentioned Christ... It saddened me and really made me realize how our of touch society is with Christ and religion and especially the significance and importance of Christmas. So we bore our testimonies about Christ and what the real meaning of Christmas is. I hope it stuck in their heads! Christmas is not just a time to be with family and get/give gifts and eat a lot, but especially to remember and celebrate our savior JESUS CHRIST! Not just during the Christmas season, but always in our lives!
On Monday we had an activity in Los Cocos with our ward. They all came and we sang Christmas songs and had refreshments. It was great and super fun! Really brought the Christmas spirit to a much needed, out of touch with Christmas spirit town.
Tomorrow is Christmas in the states, but for some reason they celebrate Christmas on the 24th here. So today is Christmas and we have 4 dinner appointments! Wish me luck and that I don't throw up!
Super stoked to see my family on skype tomorrow!! That will be way exciting!
Well, Merry Christmas!! Love you all! And remember, Christmas is about Christ!

Elder Greer

Our midget costumes

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