Monday, March 9, 2015

Wedding Planner

Let me first just start off by saying that planning for weddings are so incredibly complicated and stressful and if I could just show up to my wedding, say I do, and kiss my bride, I will be a happy, happy man. That being said, I am almost weddinged out after this week. Nah, just kidding. But everything seems like it is falling into place and that the wedding of my investigators, Rosario and Ysidro, will go great! Except it will be next Friday instead of this Friday, because we couldn't get an appointment for it to happen this week in the afternoon like we had planned/need.
We have been teaching Rosario's cousin, Griselda and Luis, her husband that really isn't her husband because they aren't married yet. They have 3 kids together and live in a tiny shack with dirt/rock floor and no water or much energy/light. They are super humble and just a great couple of people. I absolutely love them and love teaching them. Luis is a bit intimidating at first and seems like a hard person on the outside, but he is just a loving, laid back guy on the inside. He surprised me the first couple of times teaching him at how much he remembers about our previous lessons and how well he understands. Last week we talked about marriage and the law of chastity and he realized that he was living in adultery and breaking a big commandment. So we asked them to pray about marriage together. Yesterday when we went back, they seemed pretty happy despite their normal everyday problems and life. I asked Luis if he had prayed about marriage and how he feels about it. He looked at me and with a funny little content smile he said they want to get married! So I am stoked about that, especially because they are going to see how it is for Rosario and Ysidro. So that will be great for them! I seriously love Luis so much and am so happy he is progressing so well. I am going to fast for him to either find another job where he does not have to work on Sunday's or that he will be able to get work off on Sunday's.
Other than that, my area is great. The people are awesome. My new companion is the best and we have so much fun. Plus he has P90X, so that's a plus.
He also confirmed to me that we probably live in the worst house in the mission. So at least I'll for sure have it good wherever I go next! We now usually only have running water every 3 days. My mom sent me this sweet camping shower thing where all you have to do is fill it (the bag) up with water and hang it on something and it has a shower faucet thing. It is so convenient and helps so much when we don't have water. Except the other day when I was filling it up, I was hanging it on our shower pipe where the water comes out from the wall, and the pipe snapped in half. I thought it was metal, but turns out it was actually plastic on the inside, so it couldn't hold the weight. So know when we have water in the bathroom, it just comes out of a little hole in the wall haha.
Also we now have a pet rat. Well, not a pet because we can't find it. But we saw it this morning, so it's for sure still there. We just need to potty train it because it likes to poop in our cupboards...
Anyway, all is swell!
Love you all!

Elder Greer

I tried to get a good one of him, but I got this instead :)

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