Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elder Martinez

I don't have much time this week to write, but not much to write about anyway.
We had an awesome conference in Santiago and Elder Martinez from the 70 came and talked! It was great. Elder Martinez is super funny and I learned a lot from him. I had the chance to share a couple ideas/personal revelation I got, in front of the whole conference. It was kinda nerve racking making sure I said everything in Spanish well/correct. I was just my goofy self and shared a quick story that made everyone laugh. Elder Martinez remembered my name so that was cool. I guess you could say we are super tight now ;) And he knows and is friends will the Prophet obviously... so you could pretty much say the prophet and I are on a first name relationship too ;P
Ysidro is progressing well and really trying to become more Christlike which is awesome. I bought him a few church audio things today so he can listen to it in his house and invite the spirit, especially because he can't read well.
Other than that, not much new this week other than totally bringing souls unto Christ and living the amazing missionary life!
Much love from good ole Los Cocos!

Elder Greer
My comp and I found these super fresh Hawaiian shirts, you best believe we bought them!

Yeah... so our house is a little messy and disorganized. But hey, I ain't got time to clean! (jk I do, just way to lazy at night when I get back to get myself to do it) Sorry mom :)

Super proud of my creativity. These are my missionary agendas that I made.

Def doesn't look the best, but it is quite amazing :)

Shout out to Bri Jackson for being the best and sending me a sweet package of 2 knitted ties and a wooden tie and bow tie!! You are the best! #stokedonlife this wooden tie is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Quickly on my rise being known in the mission as the elder with the coolest ties :D Feel free to help me ;p


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