Friday, June 5, 2015

Contacting like crazy!

Hello friends and family!
This week was a little tough because we have dropped a lot of investigators who are not progressing, but that means we have less work. So we have been contacting like crazy. But with contacting, it is either great and successful and you find some great new people to teach, or you walk around forever and waste important time. My companion and I decided to contact the areas in our area that we have never been to. Well, we learned our area very well, but got very lost doing so. We ended up in the middle of the forest and had to cross a river to get to all the houses on the other side where we were more familiar with. There was a bunch of rocks we could walk on to get to the other side, so all we had to do was get down a little hill to the river. Well, upon trying to get down the hill, my slow, cautious walk turned into a trot. My trot into a jog. And my jog into a full on sprint so I wouldn´t fall. Worked... Until I couldn´t stop and just ran right on into the river haha. So my feet were soaked all day, but it was worth it because now we know why we never went to some of the parts we explored. As we contacted, we used every strategy we could. Picking up brooms and sweeping porches, offering to help people with things, starting mini conversations and eventually relating it to the gospel. We did not have much success, however I am making it a goal of mine to literally talk with everyone I can and inviting everyone we talk with to hear our message or let us at least serve them in some way. Because then I can at least say I gave them all an opportunity to hear from us so in that great and last day, they cannot find guilt in me for not doing my duty of opening my mouth and sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, also known as the Truth.
There are so many people in our lives who are without the true gospel in their lives and are missing the light of Jesus Christ. It is our duty to be tools in the hands of the Lord and bring His lost sheep back to the fold.
I promise that if you all will open your mouths about the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite others to come unto Christ like it is our duty to, you will experience great joy in your lives and bring even more joy to others.
Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Greer

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