Friday, June 5, 2015

Choose to be Happy

So this week was interesting. Well, yesterday anyway.
Since our interviews with the President about 3 weeks ago, we were told that Elder Ramirez my companion, would be transferred at the end of the transfer because of some... Things going on to say the least. So this whole week he had been saying his goodbyes to everyone and he packed literally all he had the night before transfer meetings where we find out who leaves and where to. So he was all ready and even excited to leave... Well, at transfer meetings, the Zone Leaders decided they wanted to make the transfer meeting a little more exciting and fun. So they wrote on papers everyone who was going to be transferred, their new areas, and all the new elders coming to our zone. There were about 12 different papers hidden throughout the church that had clues to where they all were hidden. So right as soon as we were told that, we jumped out of our seats and ran like kids on Easter to go hunt for our treats! I didn´t care about any of the information of anyone else besides who was going to come be my new companion in Salcedo. Eventually all the papers were found and everyone read the changes/transfers. When Salcedo was not read, me and my companion looked at each other confused and then at the zone leaders. ¨No changes or transfers are being made to Salcedo...¨ We were shocked! Honestly I was waiting for them to say they were joking. But then we said the closing prayer and all left.
So, Elder Ramirez and I have 2 more months together because this transfer is not 6 weeks like normal, but 8. I am... happy. Super happy. And Elder Ramirez too. I fact when we got home, he totally didn´t throw all his clothes back in his closet in anger...
Haha. He was really bummed because when you think, or rather, know that you are being transferred, it is always a little exciting to see where and with who. But, apparently the Lord needs him here and us as companions for 8 more weeks! Let the countdown begin!
Surprisingly, yesterday was a fantastic day teaching! We had a great lesson with a lady named Rosa Maria who came to church on Sunday and was my first investigator to come to church since I have been here!! A couple weeks ago, I was looking through our area book (A book of records of people the past missionaries have taught and the lessons they have taught the people) and I came across this lady who I had a strong impression we should go back and visit. Right off the bat, she was super receptive and loved our visits. She has been progressing well and reads and prays every time! She told us that she loved church on Sunday and knows that it is true and is preparing to be baptized on the 18th of next month with her kids! She is even MARRIED!!! But her husband and her are having problems and don’t live with each other right now so we are going to try and see if we can go to his house and help and teach him.
We also had great success while knocking on doors and contacting a few weeks ago. We came across a family with a DAD, MOM, and KIDS!! So when we went back this week, they were all there and we had such an amazing lesson about prophets and they were so in tune and interested! They loved our visit and are seriously a family of gold who I have been praying and searching for!! So excited! So I am praying they keep interested and keep progressing!
Also we have been constructing a house of brick cement. It is hard work but so fun and I am totally going to go home knowing how to construct just like my pops! ;)

Love you all and choose to be happy even when bummer things happen like transfers for my comp!

Elder Greer

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