Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Companion

Ok, don´t have any time this week, sorry, but I have had the best week with my new companion! He is not the same elder I thought I was receiving, however he is so awesome! His name is Elder Cummings from Wyoming, almost 23, baptized 3 years ago, 1 year and 5 months in the mission, and has the most insane life I have ever heard before in my life... Not going to get into any details, but lets just say he had to be interviewed by Elder Christopherson form the 12 just to be baptized. He is a hard worker and willing to be exact obedient and work harder which I love! Tries to run with me every morning haha. He has been super sick throughout his mission and even had to go home for 4 months and during that time, he served a mini mission in Pocatello Idaho and met Elder Rush!! I am his 16th companion and he is in his 8th area... Which is A LOT. We are working way hard and have had a great past week together and are in process of finding and contacting everyone in this whole city who was ever baptized. We are preparing 6 people to be baptized on the 11th of July. This is a tough area, but are the missionaries who WILL change it for the better!
I want to quickly share this experience from my awesome future missionary cousin, Savanna Reilly;

¨I had the coolest future missionary experience! So this past week I have been looking for a job but I haven't found any luck with finding one. So on Thursday morning, I got on my knees and i said a prayer. In my prayer i asked heavenly father to give me some motivation to help me feel better because i felt super down. I needed something that was going to cheer me up. I went to practice then I was driving home and I was stopped at a red light. I saw these people who were pushing there truck because they ran out of gas. In my mind i was like oh man someone needs to go help them. then i went through the light and i had a feeling in the bottom of my stomach that was like uhhhh no, you need to go help them. But then i was like nahhh they don't need my help. Right after that, i got the worst stomach pain i have ever had in my life. I knew that the lord was telling me something. then i was like uhhhh okay fine. this all happened in a matter of about 15 seconds. I flipped my car around and went back to where the people were. they were on the side of the road and it was 2 men and 1 women. i pulled over and i said hey do you guys need any help and one guy said yeah were just trying to get her back in the car but she wont come. i said she can come with me and i will follow you guys to the gas station. she comes in my car and she says thank you very much for the ride. i just had triple by pass surgery and I'm homeless. i just got kicked out of my apartment and i don't have any money or a job. and at  this point I'm thinking to myself like even if this women is lying i don't even care because she looks really sad. so i obviously felt really bad for her. then she says also the guys that i am with are also broke. they both lost there jobs and they don't even have money to pay for gas. right after she said that i said hey i want to put in like 10 bucks for your gas. and she said only if i get your number to pay me back. then i said how about when you get 10 dollars, you can pay me back by paying it forward to someone else who needs it at that time. and she said your going to make me cry. i filled up her truck and i said goodbye to her and the other guys. before i leave she says god puts blessing in our lives, and today, you were a blessing to me. i felt so much joy after she said that to me. i knew that heavenly father wanted me to not worry about my struggles because there are people who are going through far worse things than me. also i felt awesome because i truly felt like i helped my sister. we are all brothers and sisters and if one person needs my help I'm going to help them because they are my true brothers and sisters. i may not ever talk to this women again, but i know that i was blessed because i helped my sister. i just had to share this story with you. i hope it makes you happy because it really made me happy.¨

I think we can all learn from this experience and remember that our lives, trials, and difficulties can ALWAYS be worse. Way too many times we get caught up in ourselves and forget the blessings that have been bestowed upon us like rain from the clouds. We often see people struggling or in need of help but say that someone else can do it. NO! We are able. They need our help. They have been put in our path for a reason. So remember that. Lets all forget about ourselves and offer our hand when we can. Just like how Christ would and does always.
Love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Greer

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