Monday, May 4, 2015

Samana Beach Visit

Hey everyone!
So this week was a bit better lesson and teaching wise! We worked really hard to get our numbers up, especially because our area might be closed next transfer :/ We had interviews with my President last week and he told me to keep up the hard work and that he is proud of me, but that he has to close 5 areas this next transfer, so he was thinking about closing mine. So I am working so hard to not let that happen! But it is very challenging because not many people here trust my companion and he has a lot of problems here for a few reasons. So on Sunday I was asked to give a talk on whatever topic I wanted. I ended up sharing my mission call experience and a spiritual experience from the mission in my last area. I shared how I got my mission call the day before the biggest and most important race of my life thus far and how i was going crazy that night because I was so nervous for the race the following day, and wanted to know where the heck I would be going on my mission! I ended up just saying a long prayer for help and guidance, and Heavenly Father was so quick to give me an answer. I had such a strong impression to read verse 1 of Helaman chapter 12 after reading that chapter like 10 times already but not being able to focus. That verse helped me immensely as it told me to put my faith and trust in the Lord and that He would take care of me basically. I knew that I had nothing to be worried about for the race the next day because I had done what I needed to in order to be successful, and that wherever I was to be sent in the world on my mission is where I needed to be. The next day in the morning, I ended up breaking the school record for the mile and did exactly what I went there to do. Later in the evening I opened my call and was stoked on life to be going to the Dominican Republic speaking Spanish!! After I shared that experience, I shared a spiritual experience I had during a lesson in my last area where I needed some guidance and remembered my experience with my race and mission call and how the Lord was so willing and quick to show mercy on me and answer my prayers. All I had to do was act, have faith, and put my trust in the Lord. The members of my ward all seemed to love it as many of them thanked me for my message and that it was refreshing and great to hear. I knew how important it was to win there confidence so they would trust me enough to teach their friends and family and help me here in this area where I need all the help I can get. I also just really wanted to be real and share something that meant so much to me that I knew would be meaningful to others as well.
On Monday, my zone leaders came to our District meeting and commented on how well we did last week and to keep up the hard work. Then on Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in San Fransisco (of the DR) and the next day for P Day, we got to go to Samana, one of the nicest parts of this country and play volleyball on the beach. We of course could not go in the water, but man how I would have liked to because it was hot hot hot! It was a long trip back, especially because we had to ride like 4 hours in the back of a pick up truck, but so worth it. I also don´t believe in sunscreen, however I am thinking about changing my mind about that because I am totally fried and my missionary farmers tan is ridiculous...
I am working really hard with my companion because he is having a lot of challenges and isn´t super excited about the work and not too willing to be obedient, however step by step, with a lot of patience and love, I know this time I have to help him and his testimony grow, will be a humbling and grateful time in my life. I testify like I testified to him this morning, that when we are obedient to the Lord and his commandments and ¨rules in the mission¨ we will be blessed and see many miracles throughout our lives. Not only for us, ourselves, but especially for our families and people in our lives who need us. So next time you are being challenged to be obedient or make a right choice, think not about yourself, but the people it will effect and the blessings you will receive for yourself and others. 
I love you all and am never tired of this great work. Shout out to my cousin Sidney Reilly, I read her email this week about her companion. That was exactly what I needed to read being challenged with my companion right now. I never stop learning from her example and love to serve the Lord. Happy to call her family! Now I hope to do the same for others :)

Mucho amor

Elder Greer
We went to Samana today and it is one of the best places in the country to go to the beach! There is a beach there that is the number 5 beach in the world but we didn't go there, but where we went was pretty great too! And some members from nagua where elder rodriguez is at, took us there for free! Such a fun day! And i am now fried  :)


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