Monday, May 4, 2015

Somos Sus Manos

Hey! Friends and family! Don´t worry, still here, alive and breathing haha. I would put a winky face, but this computer doesn´t have that ability apparently.
Anyway, so first off, I realized how blunt and detailed I was last week. The last thing I want any of you to do is worry about me! It really isn´t even that dangerous here, it just gets a little crazy sometimes. I reread my blog from last week and kind of forgot that things that are so normal here, are definitely not the same way in America haha. If anyone knows me they know that I am all about crazy experiences and stories to tell haha. So forgive me if my Dominicaness ever takes over or shows.
So the riots ended on Wednesday night and the next morning there were reporters in the road and police making sure everything was secured. I totally tried to at least get in the background of one of the news reporters haha! Didn´t really work though. We took a break from the craziness and went to do a service for a very, very poor family in desperate need of help. It is a woman and her 7 kids all living in something I don't even know if I can call a shack because it is basically a tiny shack but made of scraps of old, trashy metal. We are going to build a house for them! We went there Thursday in the morning, but no one was there, nor the materials that we needed. So we were supposed to do it Friday instead, but our leaders again didn´t show up, so we went to a members house near by to see if she needed us to do something. She had us clean up and water her garden and front porch. Then she made us a huge, delicious lunch! She lived in California for 46 years, so we knew her food was going to be amazing! And if that wasn´t good enough, she made us a huge Chocolate Cake as well! I didn´t know that even existed in this country! One thing about the Dominican people is that food is not a big thing here, nor spices. It´s always about the same meals everywhere you go. And desert? Forget it... They don´t know what that is. I made cookies one time for a couple families in my last area and they were amazed at what they put in there mouth. And now they think I am some sort of chef. So the fact that we had chocolate cake was pretty great.
Then on Saturday we traveled to San Fransisco about 45 minutes away to do another service with all the missionaries in our zone. I love doing services! My only time to get dirty haha.
Concerning my living conditions.... Let´s just say I miss my house in Los Cocos because i now have a lot of appreciation for bucket showers. Because bucket showers are better the no showers which is what we have right now haha. I am now on day 2 and a half of not showering because there is a problem with our water system that we get from the city. But for some reason us and like 2 other houses are the only ones it is effecting so that´s kind of a bummer. And a bit of a pain because we have to walk to the church to go to the bathroom haha. But ya know, life of the mission! And I wouldn´t give it up for a thing! I just hope I don´t smell too too bad haha. But don´t worry, I am going to just buy big jugs of water take bucket showers that way. Again, I would put a smiley face, but this outdated computer wont let me.
We are having a bit of trouble filling up our agendas everyday because we don't have much work in my area as of right now, but we are working hard to find knew people and receive references from the members. We do, however, have a few really awesome less actives that we are working with. We teach this family named familia Almanza who are awesome but just need a lot of help with all there problems. They are struggling with some pretty serious things so I love that I have a role to play in there reactivation. Their testimony is so strong. They just need some guidance and strength. I love the fact that we will always in our lives, no matter what, need the strength of Jesus Christ. He is at the door, we just have to be willing to open it and let ourselves fall into His gentle arms. I am so thankful for my loving Savior Jesus Christ and the fact that through Him, families like Familia Almanza can get back on that straight and narrow path that is so easy to go astray from. Take advantage of the Atonement! Jesus didn´t just suffer every pain and affliction and die for us all just because. He did it so we can be clean. It´s like whenever I end up getting water again, ya´ll best believe I am going to take advantage of that and become clean! It´s the same with repentance, except that option is ALWAYS there. We just need to act.
I love you all and am forever thankful for your prayers, love, and support. Elder Bannon Greer is doing absolutely great and loving every second, even the crazy ones!

Elder Greer

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