Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 19

(Weekly letter from last week and this week because I forgot to send my one from last week)

This week was definitely not my favorite and it has been challenging, but we had some really cool experiences.
It's not been the best week because as of right now (Saturday) we only have 3 lessons this week... We have been super busy this week before transfers and have had a few emergency issues come up that we have had to spend a lot of time in resolving. We are opening up an area in the north about 2 and a half hours outside of Santiago. There were missionaries there before like a transfer ago but they were threatened for their lives by some gangsters that knew where they lived and were waiting outside of their house so they were taken out immediately and put in another area right away. But we are re-opening that area and found out this week so we had to go up there and find a new house in a different neighborhood super quickly. We were a bit pressured by President to get it done ASAP. Luckily our prayers were answered and we found a new house to rent and it's brand new and perfect for the missionaries. So we are going up there on Monday to do the move. We also had to do a move for the sisters in Tierra Alta that we have been trying to move since I got in the office back in July! But we have been dealing with problems after problems with the apartment owner and the house and pretty much every problem possible that could have come up. But on Thursday we finally were able to do it in the night. We finished at 10:30pm. So we were exhausted when we got home. But super content and happy we finally got that done. We stopped by our investigator Teobaldo's house and found out from his daughter that he was in the hospital. So right away Elder Castillo and I went straight there to visit him. He and his wife let us right in and we talked for a while and just visited. It made me feel super content and happy. Even though we really needed to be running around getting in lessons and visiting other people on short visits and checking up on their progress, I loved that we were there. Because it's really not all about getting in a lot of lessons. It's hard for me to think that way sometimes because I know how important our visits are to teach them about Christ and the restored gospel. But missionary work is service. Weather it be teaching someone, helping someone do the dishes, doing yard work, talking to others about how they can have a happier family, or simply visiting with them. And when you do those things, you feel good because when you serve others, it brings the spirit.
We had a super long lesson with a member couple. The husband is a Return missionary and his wife is inactive. They have... a lot of problems. Marriage problems. They are at the point to where thy are only still living together because it's easier then going through the process of separating. We are trying to save their marriage, but they have no hope in themselves whatsoever. It's super sad. But we committed them to do specific things and next time we will see if they did them and hope that step by step they will get better. Getting divorced isn't the answer people!! You just gotta figure out the solution. Everything is really jut a math equation. There is always a solution. It's just that most people don't like math or are not willing to figure out the problem/solution when it's not a simple 4+5=9.
We had our ward Christmas party/dinner on Wednesday. It was really fun. And the food tasted great... except for the fact that the next day the whole ward including myself have had to spend a large amount of time and many trips to the bathroom... haha. I'm thinking it was the meat.
Transfers were also Wednesday. Someone will be coming in for my comp on the 5th of next month (we hope) and he apparently will be training for the rest of the transfer which means I'm gonna start training the next transfer and then (hopefully) leave the office having 9 months here.
This is the worst, absolute worst time of the year to be in charge of mail... I am so packed with mail it's ridiculous. But it's all good cuz I got two packages so I'm stoked!
Later today a bunch of the members and missionaries in Santiago are going to a flash Mob in a mall here! It should be really fun! The Stake Choir will be singing and then we will be playing the three Christmas videos and all the missionaries will be handing out the Christmas cards! Should be super cool! Next week we have the Christmas conference with the whole mission so that'll be way fun! And soon enough Christmas will finally be here and I'll get to see my beautiful family!! Can't wait!! Love you guys! Have a very merry Christmas!!

Elder Greer

Saying goodbye to missionaries going home

 The one of the room: it was Elder Walker's birthday on Sunday so we woke him up at 12 am with a cake. Then that night before they got home, my Comp and I put candy all over the room and decorated it.
These pictures of the lights and stuff is a neighborhood in our area. There is a competition here with the company "Presidente" where whichever neighborhood/street with the best and most decorations wins like a bunch of money or something. But all of the decorations have to be using the bottles and things of that company. Its literally all trash and bottles and cans. Super tight. However, the company is a beer company so it actually really sucks because it just causes more people to drink :( we don't teach on those streets...

 The heads of the reindeer are made of plastic jugs.
 If you look closely you can see the neck of the camel is made from a painted tire.


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