Saturday, December 26, 2015

November 29 Happy Thanksgiving

Wow to be honest I had no idea it was even Thanksgiving until the day before! I kept thinking it was the following week and that we would do something for it the next week. Then I heard a couple of missionaries talking about what they were gonna cook and then I realized, oh shoot! Its tomorrow! Haha. On Thursdays I go and pick up the mail for the mission. Usually it doesn't take that long but because Christmas is right around the corner, I had to deal with a million packages! Wow my office was a mess. But that's good because it means the families of the missionaries love them. For lunch on Thanksgiving a bunch of us went and ate at a restaurant and they totally had Cheesecake!!! I never ever thought I would find that here! SO I took advantage and bought 2 and a pecan pie :)
That night we had a super good lesson with Teobaldo! He read the pamphlet we gave him, AND marked it/ underlined it, AND wrote a whole page of things he didn't understand and questions he had and words he didn't know! Wow how awesome! How often do you come across a guy like that? So we were super stoked about it. We explained and taught really well and he really understood us and liked what we said. We are teaching him the plan of salvation first, but I can't wait until we start the Restoration with him.
On Wednesday we had a ward activity that I came up with and us six missionaries in the ward all planned together. When I was in Los Cocos we did a ward activity where were invited all the members and basically showed/taught them how to be missionaries and share the gospel and did games and fun examples to make them excited about it and they totally were. So I wanted to try it here because we are in need of references. So we planned really well and had everything already to go. We got to the activity and then no one showed up until like 40 minutes late (that's normal). We invited the whole ward and tried to pump them up about it. But when people finally got there, most of them ended up being investigators/non-members which we didn't expect at all, but was still awesome! So we just changed the activities and games we were going to do that focused on the members, and changed them a bit to focus on the non-members. It ended up turning out great and was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy what we did. I still want to do what we had originally planned, so we will be working on that.
For P Day we tried making a Thanksgiving feast. Keyword "tried" hahaha. It turned out pretty good. But was definitely missionary made 😁 But what can ya do if the dang oven decides not to heat up very high? Haha. But it was fun. We also had a basketball night for the young men. It was kind of a fail too because only one of them showed up :/ But it's not cause the others didn't want to, or even forgot, but a lot of them have no money to pay for a taxi to church and live far away and stuff. So that's a bit of a problem we have on Sundays trying to get them to church. Especially because another big problem is that there isn't much support from the parent(s) so that makes it hard as well. If I could, I would just take them all on my truck and that would solve all the problems! But we can't do that cause it's against the mission rules :(
Anyways have a good week everyone and get motivated to go run and work off all that turkey and stuffing and pie!

Elder Greer

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