Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 26 Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!!!
Wow I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and passed! It's crazy how much has happened in this past year and how far I feel like I've come since last Christmas. I was still just a little greenie and now I'm gettin' long in the tooth! Not quite like papa Troy 😂😜 But I only have one skype left! Speaking of, skyping was really fun! It was really nice to see the fam bam! I'm really happy that everyone was all together this year. Especially because I only had 40 minutes!!
So for Christmas Eve (which is Christmas here) we had to take care of all the mail. So we had to go around in the morning and pick up a bunch of packages and mail and then sort it all and enter in all this information and do all that stuff like I usually do on Fridays. But we had to do it all quickly on Thursday in the morning/early afternoon. Then we had to go and take it all over to the different houses and places so that the missionaries could have it for Christmas. We didn't end up eating lunch until like 4 haha. But we got it all done and went straight over to the AP's area to go Christmas caroling with them. We went to a bunch of different people houses in their area and sang Christmas hymns and gave them gifts. Everyone loved it! (Especially us blue eyed Americans with Santa hats on 😁) haha. The first house we went to, it was an older couple and we talked with them for a minute. Then we sang a song to them and it was seriously such a bomb song! Like we all don't have good singing voices at all but I swear we were in such sync and we legit sounded so on point! It was so spiritual and when we all looked up after we finished, they were both crying! The husband had a tear running down his cheek and the wife was just balling her eyes out! It was so awesome! Haha. They thanked us a ton and were just so happy. Then we went and did the same at a bunch of other houses but all the rest were all on their doorstep or just really quickly because we had a lot of people to visit. Then we went to a members house for dinner. Dinner on the 24th here is a big deal. It's like what everyone waits in anticipation for. We were all going to go together, but right when we were about to go, the APS got called because there was an emergency with a couple of missionaries like 45 minutes away and there was a ton of traffic. So they didn't end up getting to eat with us :/ Then Christmas morning was super nice.  Early in the morning we went and played basketball at our church with like 15 of us missionaries and one member. It was really fun but it was raining so we all sucked pretty bad. Then we just took it easy and opened the packages sent to us which were very appreciated!! Elder Castillo was super happy and surprised and it was really fun seeing him open the presents for him from my family! Then later on, we skyped! That was obviously great and super fun! It was super fun seeing the new babies!! Zeke is so big! And Keoni is a big fatty! Haha. And Tanner is a little man! When did he get a deep voice!? Hahaha. The time flew by and 40 minutes is unjust! Haha. Simply not enough. But I'll be back in no time so it's all good. It was really fun that Elder Castillo finally got to meet his American family! He calls my parents mommy and papi, haha. Then later in the day we went around our area with the AP's again and sang and stuff again. Then before we knew it, the day was over and Christmas too!
Today was P day so it has been a super nice two day break! Haha. We went to a super cool waterfall and it was like up in the mountains a bit and it was cold! Did not whatsoever look or feel like the Caribbean. It's been rainy and cold here lately. (Cold... pshhh as if I even know what cold is!) And now we are back to the grind! 
I just want to say that this has been a fun and great Christmas! Definitely not the average Christmas with the family, celebrating together, eating lots of goodies and what not. But what makes it so great is just that. We are out in foreign lands speaking foreign languages, eating foreign foods. And to be honest, it's super great because you (I) have such a greater appreciation for my family and being together. And these past two Christmases I have especially appreciated and took to heart a lot more of the real reason of Christmas which is our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. It's just humbling out here. Not once did I see people worried or stressed out about gifts or presents. Not once did I see a child sad for not getting anything. Because the difference here is that the people are just so happy and content with a solid meal on the 24th and being together. It's simple. And I really like that. I mean, I would be lying if I didn't say that on every corner there are a bunch of drunk people and loud music. But those who aren't about that life are just simple and easygoing.
Anyway, it was a great Christmas for Elder Greer and I'm sad that it's my last here. I really love it and I am super content with all of the memories I have as of right now. I am stoked I got a solid 7 month left to rock it!
Love you all and Merry Christmas!!

Elder Greer

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