Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 6 Sushi!

Dearest friends and family,
So this week we had a lot of fun like always. We had a Family Home Evening with a new family that just moved here into our area. The mom cooked for us and it was amazing! We did a fun activity with them about looking for and realizing how many blessings we all have in our lives. It was great! The mom has had a pretty rough life and she is raising her three kids alone. So we are trying to help them out.
We have a bunch of investigators who all live in the same area/neighborhood and they all know each other. A couple of them seemed to be progressing super well at first and had lots of interest. But we have been seeing recently that they have kinda been acting weird lately. We think it's because one of our investigators, Fausto, always likes to contend with us and never really agrees with what we say and he is pretty intense. So we think that maybe he has been saying bad things about us to them because they are all friends. Or it could be that they are also all good friends with a couple of pastors and people from other beliefs who talk bad about us. Idk. So we really have to make sure we have the spirit strong in the lessons and clear up any false claims. 
My companion and I talked for a while about goals and how we can be better and had a really good talk. It's awesome to be on the same page as your companion and help each other out. We have been together for 6 months which is so long and never happens haha. But we have a great companionship so it's way tight. His birthday is on Sunday so we celebrated his birthday today for p day. We made sushi!! Legit sushi! It came out so well and I was way impressed with ourselves. We also went to lunch and I told the workers there to sing him happy birthday. They came out with a cake and everyone was clapping and singing except for all of us because they had no idea what was going on. I was the only one who knew so I was like "yeah!!" Haha and clapping and the other missionaries and Elder Castillo were all looking for who's birthday it was. Then Elder Castillo realized it was for him when they came to our table. It was great. Then we had a young men's night and played basketball. Last week we were a little disappointed/discouraged because only like one of them came. So we were going to cancel it after today but there ended up being a great turn out and like 8 young men came!! Like 4 of them aren't members, and two are less active. And then some random kid was walking by the church and saw us playing and came in to watch and right away all the kids invited him to come play with us!! It was so cool! We invitee him to come back next week and are going to find out where he lives because he lives in our area! Super cool! 
Anyway this week was great. Have a fun week and watch the "He Is Born" video on

Elder Greer

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