Monday, July 4, 2016

Almost home!

 June 27, 2016

This week has been great! We have been doing a bunch of Family Home Evenings and they are helping the people so much! I love doing Family Home Evenings and it always brings everyone together and we all are able to have a good time talking, sharing, feeling the spirit, talking about wholesome things, strengthening our testimonies, and having fun.
Yesterday we had a ward conference and a couple weeks ago all the organizations of the church put goals of how many people we could get in the church for the conference. All of us invited everyone we could and everyone did extra visits so that we could reach our goals. My companion and I put a goal of having at least 20 less active members and investigators combined. We ended up getting 17 so we didn't quite reach the goal, but came super close and are way happy with it. We did all we could. In this conference, they changed the bishop who has been bishop for like 10 years! So its gonna be way weird! But I am sure Bishop is going to be able to relax finally, haha.
We had a Talent Show this week and everyone basically did airbands. It was really fun. We and the sister missionaries in my ward did a little skit to start off the night. It was fun.
The sisters had a baptism this week! His name is Andy and he is super prepared and has a way strong testimony! I met him the first time before he started coming to church. Me and my last companion were walking in the road and he said something in English to us, so I started talking to him and figured out that he lives in the sisters area. He was an old investigator of the sisters but didn't progress that much. But started to progress a ton with the sisters that are here now. I interviewed him for baptism to see if he was ready and he seriously was/is so ready! He has a great testimony and we are all way excited for him! I told him that he has to go on a mission! He is 19 and would be a great missionary!
So on to Nidio Luna... He has been progressing so much and been coming to all the activities and everything. But on Saturday after the baptism, we got to his house with a return missionary, married member and Nidio was just full of doubts. Every possible doubt he could have, he has. We explained everything, but I think that with him, he is never going to be able to accept the restored gospel without an undeniable answer. And we are trying so hard for him to receive an answer, but I think as of right now he is too doubtful and looking for the faults rather than opening his heart and really preparing himself to receive an answer. Answers don't simply just come, Heavenly Father wants us to express and show lots of faith and do our part. We have to pray with real intent, study the scriptures, go to church and try our best to obey the commandments. If we do those things we WILL get answers to all our questions. It is His promise. But we have to be willing to do our part and search and listen and be patient and know that sometimes it doesn't come right away. Faith comes after the trial. Ether 12:6
Well, we will be having another baptism this weekend for our investigator Yodainis! Super stoked! I want Elder Rauda to baptize him so he can have his first ever baptism! He is a son of a recent convert and only is 8 years old, but he is super excited and ready for his big day.
We should have 3 more baptisms next week if they are ready! Pray that they will be so I can be here for them!! Our prayers are being answered and we are seeing success!!
It is insane that I am almost outta time here! I am super thankful for how busy we are so I don't even have time to think about the fact that I only have a couple weeks left! But I am super excited and happy that all is going well.
Love you guys!!

Elder Greer

These pics are of people I visited today in my last area, Pueblo Nuevo. It was so good to see them all again!

 Andy's baptism!

The pic of the boys and us: They are all brothers and we have a baptism date for them all on the 9th of July! When we took this picture, their mom was crying with happiness. She said that the 9th is the most important day and is very excited for them! They all want to serve missions! At church yesterday, the ward leaders gave them all ties to wear and to have.

A little fun bridge we have to cross sometimes.


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