Monday, July 4, 2016

June 20 Pictures

 Elder Williams, Elder Taylor, and I. We are all from the same group and are all training together.

Me and Sister Garcia and her new companion who she is training. Sister Garcia and I are training together. This is probably the last time I'll see them.

Teobaldo got baptized!!! He was a guy me and Elder Castillo found in my last area and finally got baptized. I got there late so I didn't get a picture with him in his white clothes.

 Today for P day we played paint ball. We destroyed.

A super great family home evening that we did with this couple and their family. They have been less active for years. His mom is a super awesome, active member. We met them at her house. I asked her about them and she told me a bit of info. I told her, "We are going to visit them and we are going to reactivate them." They have been to church every Sunday since we started visiting them and did this Family Home Evening at their house!!

A river we have to cross sometimes. Everyone just takes their clothes off and have a good time jumping into the river off the waterfall.

 These are from last transfer, but I don't think I have sent pics in a while so this is when we had our last district meeting! The tall, white guy is Elder Moses, a good pal of mine. The rest is the district and I.

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