Monday, July 4, 2016

Mother's Day here

June 1, 2016

This was a fun week. It was Mothers' Day on Sunday so me and my companion got creative and wrote cards and letters to a bunch of the moms in our areas and went to their houses and gave them candy and their cards we wrote them and shared with them Alma 56 where it talks about the sons of Helaman and how all 2000 of them were blessed and did not die in war and were victorious because they listened to their mothers and what they taught them about faith in the Lord. I love that story and it was so fun and awesome to bring that light into the houses of these great people and testify of the importance and value of women and mothers especially. It was such a great time. And we totally won points from all of them and they all want us over more, haha. I wish we could give more of our time to the members because I love them so much and they are all so loving and supportive of us all, but we just have so much work to do with our investigators. But we always try and include the members in the work we are doing and make time to pass by and talk a little or share a quick something.
We did a super hard and tolling service the other day and weeded and cleaned out huge plants and weeds from the lawn and front porch of one of our investigator's houses. It's near the main road and so a ton of people passed by and were impressed that a skinny white boy was doing hard service work. 
So I am officially in my LAST transfer!! Insane! Only 6 weeks left tomorrow! O.o Crazy! But exciting. Only makes me want to work even HARDER than ever! My comp is really good about not complaining when I make us leave earlier and put more on our plates, so I am way thankful for that. My comp is really great, we are just super different people and I have definitely been challenged a bit with him and it has been kinda hard, but I am just really trying to teach him to love and work hard and lead by example.
I love this work so much.. I just want to leave you all with my testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer and He LIVES! Seek Him. I promise you will find if you truly look. 
Much love

Elder Greer

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