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 April 27, 2016

SUCH a fantastic week with my "son" here in Navarrete! He is such a boss missionary already and I love him so much! I am going to end my mission on such a high note. Blessed.
So on Wednesday, he had his first lesson. It was such a great lesson and we set a baptism date! What a fantastic first lesson, I was stoked!! Elder Rauda is a bit shy at first so I was nervous that he wouldn't talk much and stuff, but he totally surprised me in the lesson and did so awesome! It was like he has already had a ton of time on the mission.
Then for our last lesson that night, I had our mission leader come with us and we did a prank on Elder Rauda like how my trainer pranked me! We went to our mission leader's house and taught his parents as if they weren't members. They acted super anti-Mormon and asked a lot of weird and tough questions. My comp surprised the heck out of me as he handled every question so well and gave perfect answers and he was so excited and you could just see such a huge light in his eyes! It was amazing! Afterwards we told him that they were already members haha. He was like "Noooo! Hahaha No way! Dang it haha" it was way funny and he laughed a ton but me and the mission leader were like dude you were amazing!! It was great.
We had a bunch of super great lessons and great days this week! We set another FIVE baptism dates, we are so excited!! 
We got so wet this week too because there has been tons of rain. Yesterday we literally were drenched from head to toe and had no jackets or umbrellas. The people thought we were crazy! But #dedication hopefully they saw that rain or shine, we work. 
Elder Rauda and I are having such a fun time together. We are always laughing and having a blast together. He is super super humble too so it is really awesome for me because I am finishing the mission and he is starting, but we are equally learning from each other, I love it. He comes from a really hard background. It's really dangerous where he is from. He might not even be able to return to his house after the mission because the gangs where he lives are so bad that they kill people who move away sometimes, even if the people have nothing to do with them. Way sad. But the Lord will bless him. Speaking of, he has had such an amazing experience being blessed in the mission. When he left, he left to the MTC from his house crying because his dad didn't say goodbye to him because he was out drinking. Last week his stake president emailed him and it was the only email he got but it said that his WHOLE family has re-activated since he has left for the mission!! They were all inactive besides his brother and him, but now they are ALL active!! He was so happy and thankful. And he started crying today, like legit balling his eyes out because when we logged on to write, his family wrote him for the first time and he was just so emotional and happy and thankful. He has been able to share his blessing and experience about his family with many people here during the lessons and it just brings the spirit so strong.
I love my son! I love this area. I love my mission and I am so sad it is coming to an end soonish, but I am going to go out the best I can possibly leave it. I am blessed. Serve missions and you and your family will be blessed more than you even know! Just ask my companion!

Elder Greer

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