Monday, May 30, 2016

No Time To Write, Just Lots of Pictures!

April 20, 2016

 I have absolutely no time, sorry. Hopefully the pictures make up for it. But basically I am super duper stoked on life because President called me on Sunday to train and I got my "son" this morning. He is super dope. He is from El Salvador and I was legit praying that I would get him. My trainer is from there and now my son/last companion too. I am so excited. He will be my last comp. We only have a couple of hours together but I already love him so much. Legit like a son. He is way humble and super ready and excited to serve and work hard and be obedient!
Wish me luck! Especially cause I have a son now!! Just imagine if I actually had a real son... I'd need the prayers! haha. The son more than me I am sure!
Oh, and the baptism of Manuel de Jesus happened this past week!! It was super sick!! so stoked for him!

Elder Greer

Dinner night at our "mom's" house. They taught me how to make super good Dominican white spaghetti so I can impress my future wife when I get home ;)

 Also me and Elder Murray being thugs.

 Super good fruit called Lechosa.

A service we did as a district with some member friends down by the stream.
We surprised a member on her birthday at her doorstep when she came home. We made this sign with candies.

 The other Navarrete Elders and us being thugs, eating mangoes.

The sisters in the kitchen where they belong ;)
My district. Our last time together.
Hermana Bradford and I (don't mind that my pants look way blue. I swear they aren't that blue...)

Me and Elder Murray. Comp/Bro love

Elder Williams and I.
 The baptism of Manuel de Jesus!! SO stoked about this success we had and because he is awesome and accepted the gospel so well and loves it!

Williams and I again

 Elder Moses

Close up of my comp with a super normal face

Us being normal

The sisters in our ward and us (we are the best) (our numbers are also better)
Hermana Cordova from San Diego CITYYYYYY

My son and I!!

Elder Simonies the Haitian!

Elder Moses, Tucker and I all straight thugs

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