Monday, May 30, 2016

Election Time in the DR

May 18, 2016

So it has been raining like this whole month and last month too, but now it's back to desert heat so I am getting dark. We are sweating bullets! We probably should drink more water.
This week was amazing! We destroyed the zone numbers, Elder Rauda and I! We went on "splits" which is where my companion goes with another young man or man of our ward and I go with another person as well. We did that twice this week and were able to actually cover our huge area and get in a ton of lessons and visits! We had 30 lessons with a member which is a huge number and ended up reaching our high goal of 41 lessons in a week! That was a huge success and we were able to find a bunch of new people. The young men that helped us are both preparing for their missions and one of them leaves on his mission to Honduras the same day I go home. So it was super awesome for them too!
We also went to a member's house a few times in the morning this week so they could teach us how to make some traditional Dominican food. That was fun, I just don't have the patience or love to cook.
One of our investigators that I thought was going to progress a ton and really does want to get baptized and get married in the temple and everything told me that she wants me to baptize her and also that she wants to me my girlfriend... Yeah so we dropped her, haha. Well, we gave her to the sisters. -_-
Sunday was pretty insane. At like 12:30am I woke up jumping out of my bed to like 40 gun shots right outside my house like a street down! I don't know why it scared me so bad because that used to happen all the time in Salcedo, one of my old areas. I looked at my companion and he was just dead asleep because that happens every night where he comes from, haha. During the day the streets were packed because it was election day! Literally since the day I got here almost 2 years ago they have been preparing for the elections and now it's FINALLY over, thank heavens!! We only had church for an hour because everyone had to go vote and the streets were too crazy anyway. We had to return home at 6pm :/ My companion and I were way disappointed because we wanted to get more lessons if it were possible and beat our goal of 40 lessons and we had a sweet dinner appointment, but it's probably good we got home early. 
We had 8 baptism dates but now we are down to just two :( The others still may be baptized, but need more time. We are going to have to work hard though because we have a good couple of things we have to help them with and they are kind of losing the excitement and goal of baptism. So pray for the following people!!
Gabriel, Family Fransisco, Joaquin.
Thanks :) 
Ok well love you guys and me and my comp are working hard and killin' it! I refuse to go home any less! I'm gonna leave this area clutch.
But pray for us 'cause we need the blessings :)

Elder Greer

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